6 Jul 2017

Compressed air:
Did you know?

1m3 of ambient air can contain up to 100,000,000 micro-organisms, which are drawn into the compressor intake and end up in the compressed air system.

  • Micro-organisms grow rapidly in a compressed air system if left unchecked. Having a pressure dewpoint of better than −26°C will inhibit breeding or growth of micro-organisms.
  • Refrigeration dryers with a 3°C pressure dewpoint will not inhibit micro-organism growth (refrigeration dryers are commonly used due to their low cost). To inhibit growth, adsorption dryers with a −40°C pressure dewpoint should be used.
  • A typical 100kW compressor installed in European climate can introduce up to 70,000 litres of water a year into the compressed air system, this problem is exaggerated further in hotter more humid climates.

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