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Aluminium Pipework

ALUMINIUM PIPEWORKTeseo pipework & accessories

Hollow Bar System

Constructed from rigid aluminium extrusion, HBS is a modular pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and oils; suitable for use in small workshops right up to large industrial facilities.

Aluminium Pipework

(AP) Aluminium Pipework is the latest generation of modular compressed air pipework systems available. The AP profile is typically 70% lighter than traditional galvanised steel but robust thanks to the thicker wall of the tubing.

Swinging Air Bracket

The swinging arm for feeding and supporting compressed air pneumatic tools can be used over a large semi circular working area. It consists of a horizontal bar fixed on a hollow pivot revolving on self-lubricating bearings.

Modular Piping System

Patented by Teseo as a result of years of research and experience in installing distribution systems made up of aluminium profiles all over the world. Suitable for compressed air distribution lines or for main line drops.

Air Track Supply

This unique track and trolley system is produced by Teseo. It has been designed to support tooling and to provide compressed air, fluids and electrical supply to any point along the track.

Assembly Workbench

The workbench is specially equipped for assembly work using pneumatic tools. It is constructed with a stout extruded aluminium frame which supports the A.T.S. system.

Modular Air Trolley

The trolley on hollow bar is equipped with 6 ball bearing wheels running on HBS 50 profile. The hollow bar has a double function: track for the trolley and conduit for compressed air.

Aluminium Manifold

AM is particularly suitable to be mounted onto automatic machines to feed the different servomechanisms or onto injection or die-casting presses to cool moulds.

Hot Tap Drilling Tool

Hot Tap Drilling Tool – is a tool that enables you to drill the HBS and AP compressed air distribution lines under pressure with ease and safety due to the flat sided profile of the Teseo bar. The result is a valved outlet point.

Pipe Bender

CENT80 is ideal for quickly creating bends on pipework installations. On site it is possible to secure it with a robust bench vice or, with a couple of clamps, vertically on a standard bench, on the floor of the truck or on the forks of the forklift.

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