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IMPROVING YOUR ENERGY EFFICIENCY Let us assess your compressed air needs

AIR AUDITS Compressed Air Energy Audits

Compressed Air is the most expensive form of energy typically accounting for 10% of an industrial company’s electricity bill. About 30% of the energy can be saved by introducing simple, cost-effective measures, such as with our Air Audit.

An air audit, performed by our highly trained team of qualified professionals, will give you key pointers on areas to increase efficiency and cut costs within your organisation by examining the air supply and demand. All air compressor systems have a supply side and a demand side.

Each side performs differently and certain factors affect the system’s effectiveness. The supply side should always produce and then store air at a high pressure.

On the demand side, however, the system should run at the lowest necessary pressure. An air audit can identify areas on each side where improvements could be made to maximise performance. On the supply side, technology, monitoring and controls can be improved. On the demand side, areas that could need improvement include system dynamics and artificial demand.

Audit Benefits

Data Logging

Improve your compressed air system’s performance with our data logging service. We use state of the art sensors to collect data on pressure, temperature, dew point, flow rate, and power costs. Our reports and simulations can calculate cost savings for different compressor configurations.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Choose Team Air Power for leak management. Our experts can quickly and efficiently identify and fix leaks, saving you time and money. Trust us to ensure the longevity of your system by handling the burden of leak management.

Remote Air & Site Management

Achieve efficient air management with our customer-focused solution. Our controllers manage multiple air compressors for 24/7 optimal performance. Real-time feedback and automatic adjustments ensure precision.

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70-94% of the energy consumed by air compressors is recoverable.

HEAT RECOVERY Efficient Air Compressor Heat Recovery Solutions

Team Air Power are experts at smart investments. Heat Recovery being one of them. It enables you to reduce your heating bill and cut back your company carbon emissions by utilising the heat energy generated from your compressor. You can recover up to 90% of the heat generated by your compressor!

Energy cost reduction strategies are vital to staying competitive. One major source for optimisation often overlooked is recovering the heat generated by compressors. Since as much as 100% of the electrical energy used by an industrial air compressor is converted into heat and 96% of this energy is available for recovery, the potential for savings is huge.

CONTROL SYSTEMS Optimise your installation with air compressor control systems

Central controllers further increase the efficiency of the whole air compressor system by actively managing the integrated machines in their most optimum points possible. They reduce your energy consumption and optimize your maintenance needs.

  • Optimise the operationof your compressed air and blower system in accordance with ISO50001, while pressure and flow setpoints are being met.
  • Maximise energy savingsand keep the equipment in good maintenance condition.
  • Monitor your equipmentfor a proactive approach to maintenance, for live data visualization and for energy savings KPI accounting.

Without our compressor controllers, the load/unload pressure of each unit must be set to react to changes in air demand. If the system pressure drops, an additional compressor will switch to loaded running. However, the sequence will always be the same, and this leads to a higher pressure than required (the higher the pressure, the higher the energy cost). Furthermore, the advantages of VSD or centrifugal machines are not fully used.

Variable Speed Compressed Air Energy Audits

For operations with fluctuating demand for compressed air, a VSD compressor is worth looking into. A traditional fixed-speed air compressor is either on or off, and when on it only operates at full capacity. If less air is needed, a lot of energy is consumed and wasted. A VSD air compressor automatically adjusts motor speed to match air demand, thereby saving you up to 35% energy costs and maximising plant productivity.

VSD Benefits

ENERGY SAVING GRANTS Reduce your energy usage by up to 20% energy efficiency upgrade schemes.

With Power NI your business could save on the cost of installing Variable Speed Technology with a NISEP funded grant of up to 20%.

Power NI has funding available for:

  1. Variable speed compressor/drive
  2. Ultrasonic leak detection
  3. Steam or heated regeneration dryer
  4. Turbo blower
  5. Heat recovery

Cash For Kilowatts can assist your business to become more sustainable by optimising your energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. Energia provides funding based on the annual savings achieved from your energy conservation measures; this is a once off payment.

We will help identify, measure and verify the savings achieved from your energy efficiency upgrades in order to maximise the funding we provide and reduce your return on investment.

Reduce your energy usage by up to 20%

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