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Portable Compressors

PORTABLE COMPRESSORS Our CompAir Portable Compressors

C10-12 – C14

C10-12 to C14
Flow: 1 to 1.4 m³/min
Pressure: 7 to 12 bar

The smallest of our mobile air compressor range, this series offers a lightweight solution for any repair or installation jobs where compressed air is required. The overall compact design makes it perfect for transporting easily.

C20 – C30

C20 to C30
Flow: 2 to 3 m³/min
Pressure: 7 to 10 bar
This series of towable compressors are equipped with new, powerful Yanmar engines which regulate the engine to offer optimal performance. This means that they can perform without the need for a diesel particulate filter.

C35-10 – C50

C35-10 to C50
Flow: 3.5 to 5 m³/min
Pressure: 7 to 10 bar

This series is exceedingly quiet and features a low noise, water-cooled engine that offers successful performance for a range of on the go jobs. The perfect choice for when noise pollution could cause severe disruption.

C55-14 – C76

C55-14 to C76
Flow: 5.5 to 7.6 m³/min
Pressure: 7 to 14 bar

For versatile performance, this compact range can meet the requirements of a plethora of applications thanks to a wide pressure range of up to 14 bar. Built to last and easily serviceable. This series also offers 10% less diesel consumption.

C85-14 – C140-9

C85-14 to C140-9
Flow: 8.6 to 13.3 m³/min
Pressure: 5 to 14 bar

Suited for heavy-duty applications such as civil engineering, restoration work, and road building, this range offers reliability, cost-saving, and ease of maintenance. Choose this series for high performance you can trust.

C200TS-24 – C270TS-9

C200TS-24 to C270TS-9
Flow: 20 to 27 m³/min
Pressure: 9 to 24 bar

TurboScrew compressors offer patented bi-turbo technology that provides best in class diesel efficiency whilst still offering clean performance in accordance with directive 97/68/EC. Plus, the low weight of just 3,500kg is a real benefit for customers.